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SMT and Through Hole Component Rework
Removal and replacement of surface mount and through hole components is one of the most common rework processes performed on assembled circuit boards. Although commonplace and sometimes routine, today's component packages and board features present an array of difficult component rework challenges.

We have over 100 pieces of equipment from Pace, Metcal and OK Industries, Air-Vac, and Electrovert to meet most any surface mount, BGA, and through hole component rework need. Our trained and qualified technicians are ready to tackle your toughest rework projects.

Refer to the following procedures for detailed information.

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Surface Mount Component Rework

SMT and Through Hole Component Rework
Controlled hot air rework.
We use a mix of convection and conduction techniques for surface mount component removal. Many factors are considered, but normally conduction methods are used to remove smaller components.

Convection techniques are commonly used to remove larger, more sensitive components. Point to point soldering methods are normally used to replace surface mount components.

Through Hole Component Rework

SMT and Through Hole Component Rework
Solder fountain systems for high pin count through hole rework.
We use vacuum desoldering systems for small through hole removal projects. We call upon our Electrovert
Solder Fountain Systems for demanding multi-lead rework projects. These systems take great skill and experience to operate, but for high pin count through hole component rework, these workhorses can't be beat for reliability and efficiency.

Customer Comments

"Just wanted you to know that the quality of the boards you have repaired for us has been excellent. The boards were for a customers that doesn't normally accept any repair, but once they saw your repair work, they happily accepted them ... fantastic!"
R.D. Palm Bay, FL USA

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