Circuit Technology Center

Component Trim and Form

Component Trim and Form
SMT device before lead trim and form.
Circuit Technology Center can trim and form electronic component packages to your exact pre-assembly specifications. We can also propose a trim and lead-form drawing if needed. Dedicated, custom tooling can be fabricated to meet custom package requirements.

Precision trim and form of SMT flat-pack and axial and radial lead through-hole components are supported in both low and high-volume quantities. A calibrated optical comparator is used to verify that the lead forming meets all specified dimensions.

Device packaging options include JEDEC trays, tape-and-reel, waffle packs, or custom trays. Components can be MSL-baked and dry-packed following J-STD-020 and J-STD-033 protocols.

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Component Trim and Form
SMT device after lead form and trim.
A robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) component lead tinning process usually follows trim and form to coat the component leads with solder to prevent oxidation or to remove gold plating.

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