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Circuit Board Rework and Repair Tech Papers

Avoiding the 6 Most Common Mistakes in BGA Rework
Despite well-defined and long-established procedures for BGA rework, six common mistakes exist that can be costly and lead to reduced yields.
10 Essential Rules for Circuit Board Jumper Wires
Jumper wires play a critical role in circuit board assemblies, whether used as part of the original design, for modifications or to correct defects.
Critical Considerations for Tin Whisker Mitigation
Tin whiskers is a failure mechanism associated with electronic devices that use various solder alloys.
Essential Practices for Gold Mitigation of Electronic Components
Gold embrittlement within tin-lead solder joints is a well-known failure mechanism.
Keys to Component Lead Tinning Success
White paper covers component lead tinning processing considerations.
The Essential Guide for High-Reliability BGA Component Re-balling
BGA devices may need conversion from a lead-free to a tin-lead finish for various high-reliability applications