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Nov 17, 2021
Preventing BGA Component Warp During Rework
The type of warping addressed here can cause bridging and shorts at the outer corners of the device during replacement. This problem can require more ...
Oct 28, 2021
Solder Mask Rework at a BGA Site
Now and then, an error will occur at the most inopportune time; in this case, it was in the design phase of the printed circuit ...
Sep 29, 2021
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Have you heard this one before? A manager walks into a meeting and is told that there is one million dollars worth of circuit assemblies ...
Aug 26, 2021
Jumper Wire Nightmare
Simple mistakes are magnified on complex, expensive assemblies. A routing miscommunication resulted in a significant problem for a customer. The circuit traces for connectors on ...