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Jan 11, 2023
Critical Considerations for Tin Whisker Mitigation
The phenomenon of tin whiskers in printed circuit board assembly is a failure mechanism associated with electronic devices that use various solder alloys containing low ...
Dec 20, 2022
Are Your BGA Rework Operators Experts?
Can every operator handle your BGA rework equally well? In real life, in all but just a few situations, the answer is no. Why is ...
Nov 16, 2022
BGA Conductor Path Re-design
This re-design centered around a 676-ball BGA component. A total of 23 of the balls on the BGA were not connected where they needed to ...
Oct 26, 2022
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
The procedures for attaching jumper wires, all told, are fairly extensive and would require more space than available in this feature. However, there are a ...