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Aug 26, 2021
Jumper Wire Nightmare
Simple mistakes are magnified on complex, expensive assemblies. A routing miscommunication resulted in a significant problem for a customer. The circuit traces for connectors on ...
Jul 29, 2021
6 Common Mistakes of BGA Rework
Ball Grid Array rework is one of the most challenging procedures performed at assembly facilities and repair depots worldwide. Doing it right depends in large ...
Jun 23, 2021
11 Rules for Circuit Board Mods
Some of the odd twists and turns occasionally needed to modify assembled circuit boards can be surprising. Modifications that at first glance might seem almost ...
May 18, 2021
Having a Hard Time Sourcing Components? Consider Salvaging Them!
We've all seen and read the news stories in the last year about how the worldwide pandemic has disrupted supply chains, causing product delays and ...