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Apr 24, 2024
Jumper Wire Nightmare
Oops! Somebody goofed. Happens all the time. Simple mistakes are magnified on complex, expensive assemblies. A routing miscommunication resulted in a significant problem for a ...
Mar 19, 2024
6 Common Mistakes of BGA Rework
Ball Grid Array rework is one of the most challenging procedures completed at assembly facilities and repair depots worldwide. Doing it right largely depends on ...
Feb 21, 2024
Rework for Missing Ground Connections
This latest problem is a board fabricated but with a long row of plated holes for a connector that should have been connected to the ...
Jan 24, 2024
Solution for BGA Footprint Mismatch
You have a new board, and the BGA component doesn't fit the board footprint. Is this a nightmare of a problem? We see it at ...