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We have solutions for all your BGA rework and repair needs. We're equipped with 6 top-of-the line BGA rework systems and a staff of engineers and operators with in-depth knowledge and experience at the intricate process of BGA rework.

We offer a wide variety of services including BGA component removal, replacement and salvage; x-ray inspection; circuit pattern design changes at BGA sites; repair of lifted or missing BGA pads; and repair of solder mask at the BGA sites.

Refer to the following for more information.For prices on BGA rework and repair go to: Service Charges.

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BGA Component Removal and Replacement
BGA Rework and Repair Services
We have 5 top-line Air-Vac BGA rework systems and a fully trained staff of engineers and operators to support you. This combination provides you with a repeatable process with every project meeting the highest quality standards.

We're recognized as an industry leader in BGA services and have been qualified by companies around the world. Whether you have one board or one thousand boards for rework, we're the company to turn to for BGA rework services.

BGA rework is a challenge, but not for the experts at Circuit Technology Center.

Component package types routinely reworked include:
  • PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)
  • TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array)
  • uBGA (Micro BGA)
  • CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array)
  • CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array)
  • CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
  • LGA (Land Grid Array)
  • QFN (Quad Flat No Leads)
  • PoP (Package on Package)
  • Multiple package stacks
  • Interposer Boards
  • Test Probes and other BGA probes

X-ray Inspection
BGA Rework and Repair Services
X-ray services for BGA component and site inspection is completed on every board we process to ensure the highest quality level. We use the latest Nordson DAGE X-ray systems to inspect every BGA after rework. We also use the Nordson DAGE X-ray system for many other inspection needs.

This system will pin point defects including solder joint shorts, opens, and voids.

We also offer X-ray Inspection Services.

BGA Pad and Solder Mask Repair
BGA Rework and Repair Services
Repair of damaged solder mask between BGA pads and connecting vias is a critical step to prevent solder from flowing down the vias during BGA replacement. (See illustration)

Damaged or missing BGA pads are replaced by following an IPC recommended procedure BGA Pad Repair Procedure. This procedure uses specially fabricated adhesive backed BGA pads that are thermally bonded to the board surface.

BGA Site Modification
BGA Rework and Repair Services
When your design requires a change or modification at a BGA site, using a standard jumper wire is normally not an option. Jumper wires are simply to large to fit under a BGA component. This ingenious modification procedure uses flat copper ribbon thin enough to fit safely under the BGA component.

For more on this IPC recommended procedure see Jumper Wires, BGA Components.

Keysight Technologies Adapter Rework
BGA Rework and Repair Services
Circuit Technology Center and Keysight Technologies have teamed up to provide the test world with a complete turn-key approach for testing DIMMS directly at BGA component sites.Keysight Technologies W2630A series DDR2 BGA probes enable probing of embedded memory DIMMs directly at the ball grid array with the Keysight Technologies logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.

Although this dynamic product is available to support Engineers through the test process, it does take some skillful attention to get installed. For more information visit our feature on Keysight Technologies Adapter Rework.
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