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9.1.2 BGA Component Rework Inspection

This document covers BGA component rework inspection instructions.

Minimum Skill Level - Advanced
Recommended for technicians with soldering and component rework skills and exposure to most repair/rework procedures, but lacking extensive experience.

Conformance Level - High
This procedure most closely duplicates the physical characteristics of the original, and most probably complies with all the functional, environmental and serviceability factors.

Additional Items and Supplies
Precision microscope with stand and lighting for work and inspection.
Images and Figures
9.1.2  BGA Component Rework Inspection
Ball Grid Array Rework Station
This document has been prepared by Circuit Technology Center, Inc. The purpose is to ensure repeatable, high-quality rework of BGA components and to assure conformity to the highest industry standards and specifications.

Note: This document covers procedures and guidelines specific to BGA component rework conducted by the staff at Circuit Technology Center, Inc. Organizations using this information may need to make modifications, or other changes, to accommodate their own particular needs.

Note: This document is under development. Refer to available industry sources, including recommendations from IPC, while this document is being developed.
Procedure for reference only.