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Dale Granger-Eckert Retires

The Repair Technician Hall of Fame
Dale Granger-Eckert, nominee for the Repair Technician Hall of Fame
Is there a Repair Technician Hall of Fame? I don't know the answer, but I do know Dale Granger-Eckert would have to be a founding member. Dale retired recently from Circuit Technology Center after working as a senior repair technician for over 31 years. Her contributions to the world of circuit board rework and repair have been immense.

Dale came to Circuit Technology Center in the days of through-hole only with high soldering skills and a strong understanding of circuit board assembly techniques. What she did from there is remarkable.

More than her expertise, skills, and knowledge, Dale is also a genuinely great person to be around. She is an avid runner and has competed in many marathons. She is also a major supporter of the Alzheimer's Association, see her photo running in one of the marathon's to support the vital work they do.

The following are a few comments from her friends and fellow workers at Circuit Technology Center.

Andy Price, Senior Sales Manager, offered the following comments. "Dale is a true professional in the art of circuit board rework and repair. She developed and pioneered many of the procedures that are commonplace in the world of circuit board repair today.

It is rare to find a repair technician that possesses the skill set, circuit board knowledge, patience, and ability to dissect and analyze the challenges that confront you in the process of completing surgeon like circuit board repair.

Her skills as a technician are only surpassed by her kind and thoughtful character, always willing to share her vast knowledge, always willing to help her fellow worker succeed.

Her impact in the world of electronics cannot be overstated, working on products that support the defense of our country, medical products that save lives and the telecommunications products that continue to keep us informed.

She is without question among the very best that we have ever had, or ever will have."

Peter Vigneau, VP & General Manager had more accolades for Dale.

"Obviously Dale's retirement comes with mixed emotions, we're all happy for Dale, but it's difficult to see such a great person, and great talent, walk out the door. She will be missed for many reasons.

Professionally speaking, Dale is the perfect confluence of technical aptitude, industry knowledge, a jeweler's dexterity, and a creative engineering approach to the most perplexing rework and repair challenges ever seen at Circuit Technology Center.

Put simply; Dale has helped write the book. Fortunately for those of us who carry on, Dale's patient and unselfish sharing of technique and knowledge have left us all better prepared to deal with almost any challenging rework or repair on the horizon."

Comments from Jeff Ferry, President.

"Over the past three decades, we've participated as members of the IPC Repairability committee. We've submitted many procedures and hundreds of illustrations that are now included in the IPC-7711/7721 Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies. Several of the most difficult and challenging procedures were refined and documented with significant contributions from Dale Granger-Ekert including the following:

4.2.6 Conductor Repair, Inner Layer Method
4.7.2 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.7.3 Surface Mount, BGA Pad Repair, Film Adhesive Method
4.7.4 Surface Mount, BGA Pad with Integral Via Repair
4.7.5 Surface Mount, BGA Pad with Integral Via Repair Circuit Extension Method

These last two procedures, dealing with damage to BGA pads, are good examples of very challenging repair procedures. Not only did Dale help define these procedures, but she would do them herself, and she taught many other techs at Circuit Technology Center how to perform these procedures efficiently and reliably. Dale is a gem; we will miss her."
Several members of the Circuit Technology Center team contributed to this feature story.
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