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Circuitry and Plated Hole Repair More Services
Circuitry and Plated Hole Repair
Common circuitry and plated hole damage.
One method for repairing damaged circuitry uses the Foil Jumper Method. This method uses pure copper Circuit tracks. The replaced conductors are the same size as the original. This IPC recommended technique is preferable to making circuitry repairs with jumper wires because it more closely duplicates the original fabrication process.

Damaged plated through holes are repaired using eyelets. We have also refined an IPC recommended method for repairing damaged plated holes on multilayer circuit boards that have inner layer connections.

Refer to the following procedures for detailed information.


For prices on circuitry and plated hole repair go to: Service Charges.

Circuitry and Plated Hole Rework
Circuitry and Plated Hole Repair
Occasionally errors in the circuit board fabrication process occur, or design changes are needed to upgrade circuit boards. Whatever the reason we can help you overcome the modification requirement. Common applications include adding gold edge contacts, rerouting signal connection, isolating vias and pads or adding an entire component footprints.

New circuits and pads are bonded in place using an IPC recommended thermal dry-film adhesive bonding process.
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