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Gold Edge Contact Rework and Repair
Contaminated and damaged gold edge contacts.
Gold edge contacts are particularly sensitive and prone to damage. When edge contacts get scratched, torn or damaged, you can count on two decades of experience from the super techs at Circuit Technology Center to come to the rescue.

We don't salvage contacts; we replace them with new ones that have a dry film adhesive backing and are thermally bonded in place. The new nickel\gold plated contacts are the same size and shape as the original. This IPC recommended method will restore your boards to their original level of performance and reliability.

Gold Edge Contact Rework and Repair
Replated (left side). Replaced (right side).
When the gold edge contacts become contaminated with solder or if the plating is worn or does not conform to the specification, a multi-step brush plating process is used. The contaminated contacts are stripped down to the bare base metal and replated to meet the original thickness specification.

The brush plating process is also used to replate scratched contacts, or when the plating on the edge contacts does not meet the minimum thickness specification. Our electroplating process is reliable and will restore damaged contacts to "like new" condition with full functional conductivity and durability.

Refer to the following procedures for detailed information.


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