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Gold Edge Contact Plating

Gold edge contacts are particularly sensitive and prone to damage. You can count on decades of experience from the super techs at Circuit Technology Center to come to the rescue. When the gold edge contacts become contaminated with solder or if the plating is worn or does not conform to the specification, a multi-step brush plating process is used.

Preview the slides below to discover how we do it.
  • This image shows gold edge contacts with solder contamination. During processing it's common for sensitive edge contacts to become contaminated with solder.
  • We evaluate the extent of the solder contamination. We determine the labor time and materials costs and confirm to you the full price before we proceed. Once you give us the approval we schedule the work.
  • Step 1. We prepare the plating area and setup the needed plating equipment. The process is referred to as swab plating. For more information go to:
  • Step 2: We apply plating tape to the circuit board surface surrounding the area to be reworked. The plating tape protects adjacent components and the circuit board surface from unwanted exposure to chemicals.
  • Step 3: We flow solder over the contacts with contamination to provide an even surface. Then strip the bulk of the solder contamination using desoldering tools followed by stripping using a solder stripping solution.
  • Step 3: We apply high temperature tape to cover the contacts then solder a small wire directly to the inboard tip or connecting circuit of each contact to be plated. This wire is used to provide a direct current connect for plating.
  • Step 4: We prepare the plating anodes. We use special pre-wrapped plating anodes specifically designed for gold edge contact plating. For more information go to:
  • Step 4: We make the cathode connection (-) to the circuit board buss wire. We use the plating probes and begin with an electro-cleaning process followed by nickel and gold plating to meet specifications.
  • This photo shows the replated contacts. This high conformance level rework process follows documented IPC guidelines to ensure the rework is reliable and robust.
This IPC recommended method will restore your circuit boards to their original level of performance and reliability. Our electroplating process is reliable and will restore damaged contacts to "like new" condition with full functional conductivity and durability.

For prices on base board repair and rework go to: Service Charges.

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