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BGA Rework Guarantee Waiver Release

Modern circuit board rework and repair can be extremely demanding. Many processes, such as BGA component rework, require the use of sophisticated machines, and the most in-depth operator training. The most stringent process controls must be maintained throughout the entire process. For BGA rework, profile development is nearly always necessary. A profile must be developed for every unique BGA location that will require rework. This requires a sample/scrap circuit board of the same configuration as that to be reworked, and several sample/scrap components to develop a profile for each location.

At Circuit Technology Center, Inc. we guarantee 100% acceptance of all contract service work. Any product found to be defective resulting directly from contract service work performed by Circuit Technology Center, Inc. can be returned. We will either attempt to correct the defect at no cost, or return the product to the customer and provide a credit.

We will certainly make every effort to repair/rework your project successfully. However, you have asked us to rework your product without the normal profile boards and/or parts. Under these conditions, we may require payment in full prior to the start of the project and do not provide a guarantee. Please complete this form and fax it back to us.

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Please complete all fields and fax to 978-372-5700 (No cover sheet is needed)