Circuit Board Rework and Repair Services
Component Tinning and Reballing
September 26, 2023
Here's a situation that you may experience someday if you haven't already. A start-up electronics company discovered that they had a problem. Their contract assembler had just delivered the first 100 boards. Despite a thorough design review and initial prototype, they found that each board needed rework at several ball grid array (BGA) sites. The rework involved changing the circuit paths at the BGA sites, which required not only adding new circuits but also severing the old circuits. The procedure that was developed to ...
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Which storage method will better protect against corrosion, nitrogen or super-dry?
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Due to tin-whisker mitigation concerns, re-balling BGA components from lead-free to tin-lead solder is a critical requirement by some high-reliability customer applications. This technical paper by Circuit Technology Center discusses the key process steps of this highly specialized process.

Soldering to gold has never been a flawless exercise. Concerns about the quality and quantity of gold finishes buzz around the soldering process like annoying horseflies, drawing blood whenever your guard is dropped. Four rows of pins make it difficult to access inside pins. Soldering gold connecter pins into through holes can shackle us with ...
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A team at the University of Michigan has demonstrated a reconfigurable transistor which uses a revolutionary new ferroelectric semiconductor material.
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