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Base Board Repair and Rework

What happens to an assembled circuit board with a broken corner? Can it be repaired reliably? It certainly can if you have technicians who are trained and experienced at this expert level repair.

We can reliably repair nearly all types of base board defects including impact damage, burns, delamination, blistering, measling, warp, routing errors and more. We can also repair defects in coatings, solder mask and legend.

For most minor repairs, we use high strength, thermoset epoxy, blended with color agents to match surface colors and textures. We replace severely damaged base board material by bonding in replacement material using a tongue-and-groove joint.

A wide range of base board repair and rework procedures are documented and recommended by the IPC. Additionally, these procedures have been perfected by the team of highly qualified technicians at Circuit Technology Center.

Refer to the following procedures for detailed information.

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Base Board Rework

Base Board Repair and Rework
Milling machines are often used for accuracy when reworking circuit boards.
Machining base board material is normally done with one of several milling machines

What about when you need to add base material? This is done by machining a groove in the circuit board edge and then material is added using a tongue and groove joint technique. Final trimming may be completed using the precision and accuracy of milling machines.

This tongue and groove joining method was pioneered by Circuit Technology Center and is now an IPC Recommended Procedure for base board rework.

Non plated mounting and tooling holes are reworked using another technique. Here we use a dowel shaped replacement section of matching base board material that is bonded in place, machined flush, and finally drilled as needed.

Base Board Repair and Rework
Board needed material added along the edge adjacent to contact.
Real Problems - Real Solutions

Improperly setup routing equipment trimmed 420 circuit boards to the wrong size. Instead of routing the circuit boards 6.60" wide, they were routed 6.06" wide. If the PC boards were routed oversize, instead of under size, the correction would be as simple as milling off the excess material. Unfortunately the error was not discovered until the boards were assembled. Believe it or not, things like this actually happen.

Base Board Repair and Rework
Material was added along the edge using the IPC recommended Transplant method.
The call went out to Circuit Technology Center. A modified version of the edge transplant method was used. As described in the procedure was machined along the entire edge that needed material to be added. Oversize replacement pieces were fabricated to fit along the entire length of the edge. Once the new material was bonded in place the excess material was removed by milling. The boards were valued at $700 each. Rework charge was $37 per board.

Total Value $294,000 - Total Charge $15,540 - Total Savings $278,460
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Customer Comments

"Thanks for you and your recent work on my circuit board. When I slipped the board out of the box I was amazed at how meticulously it had been restored. And once the components were re-installed, it worked like a charm. I'll be recommending your services highly."
J.T. Austin, TX USA

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