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Component Tinning and Reballing
November 15, 2023
A major manufacturer was looking to remove and replace five 170-pin through-hole connectors on several multi-layer backplane circuit boards. Naturally, there was a need to avoid burning the baseboard surface or damaging to the plated holes. This was a challenging task. Due to the many power and ground planes, the heating process needed to achieve reflow was ...
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We have an 8 zone reflow oven in our SMT production line. We recently purchased an oven profiler and I'm having some issues with our tin lead process. How do I find the best way to prevent the oven from having competing zones while also getting an accurate process?
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Circuit Technology Center has added the capability to trim and form electronic component packages to customers' exact pre-assembly specifications. Precision form and trim of SMT flat-pack and axial and radial lead through-hole components are supported in both low and high-volume quantities. A robotic hot solder dip component lead tinning process usually follows trim and form to coat the component leads with solder to prevent oxidation or to remove gold plating from the formed leads.

Manufacturers solder tens of thousands of BGA components every day. Most of this activity occurs in the flow of manufacturing and some during rework. Most BGA placement is performed flawlessly. On the other hand ...
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Zinc-air batteries are a better alternative to lithium-ion batteries because of their low cost, environmental friendliness, high theoretical energy density, and safety.
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