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August 29, 2023
What do you do when a flash memory SD card containing photos of the President of the United States and your client in the White House breaks into pieces, leaving you holding one of the tiny microchips? Some years ago, a White House pool photographer was able to take hundreds of photos and video clips of his clients and G.W. Bush in the White House. Later, the Flash memory SD card that contained all the data snapped to pieces ...
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Can solder balls oxidize and create opens during a second reflow if the circuit board assemblies were properly cleaned after the first reflow?
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Circuit Technology Center has four cutting-edge Hentec Odyssey 1325 robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) machines. Our four state-of-the-art RHSD machines have been specifically designed to cater to component-level modification and alteration needs. They are equipped with advanced features and excel in tin whisker mitigation, gold mitigation, and lead re-conditioning.

Microscopes are essential tools in the rework and repair department. While there have been many applications for other types of manually-operated vision systems, such as illuminated magnifiers and CCTV-based systems, the importance of microscopes ...
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Some are worried that a shrinking labor force, limited natural resources, and a rising "dependency ratio" will undermine economic growth.
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"Is it better to invest during a bull market or bear market? Depends... would you rather be gored or mauled?"
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What did Henry F. Phillips introduce for carpenters?
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