Circuit Board Rework and Repair Services
Component Tinning and Reballing
July 18, 2023
This is an example of a project where the solution was more reliable, less labor intensive, and more elegant than the alternative... dead bugging. If you're unfamiliar with dead bugging, you need to add components to a circuit board and have nowhere to put them, so you glue them upside-down and run jumper wires to complete the circuits. It's usually a big ...
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We are experiencing opens on assembled QFN components at a rate of approximately 9%. This component has 2 rows of pads; the failure only appears in rows near the component center. What is happening ...
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Due to tin-whisker mitigation concerns, re-balling BGA components from lead-free to tin-lead solder is a critical requirement by some high-reliability customer applications. This technical paper by Circuit Technology Center discusses the key process steps of this highly specialized process.

Rework departments often encounter large through-hole components on high-mass circuit boards or components with heat sinks. The solder fountain machine is ideal for this type of rework. With the introduction of lead-free ...
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Volume expansion of high-capacity anode materials during a reaction with lithium poses a threat to electric vehicle battery performance and stability ...
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