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Component Tinning and Reballing
April 25, 2023
You've just been given a board with a shorted BGA site. If management decides the board is worth salvaging, there's only one thing to do; remove the BGA component, clean the site, paste the site, and replace the BGA. You've done this many times before, but as anyone who has attempted BGA removal and replacement knows, BGA rework at any level can be finicky and challenging. Yes, it is complicated enough, but the challenge ...
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After our boards (ENIG) were run through reflow, the assembler is stating that the through hole/SMT connector pads oxidized. Is there a possibility that any other finish would oxidize after reflow? Or after reflow, any cleaning could cause this problem?
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Circuit Technology Center announces releasing a new CircuitMedic brand Circuit Frames series. Circuit Frames contain replacement circuit patterns, lands, SMT pads, BGA pads, and gold edge contacts used to repair damaged printed circuit boards. The new designs include the most popular patterns grouped into finely curated assortments, ensuring maximum usage and reduced waste. Plating options include bright tin, tin-lead, and nickel-gold. Circuit Frames have a unique dry-film adhesive backing, making replacing damaged pads and circuits quick and reliable.
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We've all heard of via in pad, blind vias, and even buried vias, but have you ever experienced the "via to nowhere" phenomenon? Well, here's how it goes. We received a distress call from a customer that found they were missing ten vias on their now-populated circuit boards. The vias were ...
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Photonic chips have only demonstrated an ability to classify and infer information from data. Researchers have made it possible to speed up the training step ...
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What generic name for any project for radical innovation was first used at Lockheed Martin and can be traced to the comic strip Li'l Abner in which it is the job that no one wants?
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