Circuit Board Rework and Repair Services
Component Tinning and Reballing
March 29, 2023
What can you do when you find solder mask covering some part of a circuit board where you don't want it? It's not unusual to find test points, ground pads, or a component footprint inadvertently covered with a solder mask. But all is not lost! Several safe and reliable ways exist to remove solder masks from the circuit board surface. Grinding, scraping, milling, microblasting, and chemical stripping are ...
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We have PCB assemblies that will be conformally coated using a spray acrylic coating. Should we apply masking to the heat sinks to prevent them from being coated?
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Circuit Technology Center announces the release of a new series of CircuitMedic brand Circuit Frames. Circuit Frames contain replacement circuit patterns, lands, SMT pads, BGA pads, and gold edge contacts used to repair damaged printed circuit boards. The new designs include the most popular patterns grouped into finely curated assortments, ensuring maximum usage and reduced waste. Plating options include bright tin, tin-lead, and nickel-gold. Circuit Frames have a unique dry-film adhesive backing, making replacing damaged pads and circuits quick and reliable.
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Cosmetic surgery is big business today, but our discussion here is not about facelifts or tummy tucks. We're concerned with the cosmetic touch-ups we must often apply to circuit boards. While we're all familiar with reworking components, repairing pads, adding jumper wires, and the ...
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Humans and robots working together to process online orders, with workers positioned among their automated coworkers moving intelligently back and forth....
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"What software would you recommend to give my presentation so much flash and sizzle that nobody notices that I have nothing to say?"
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What is the name of the family of metals that gold belongs to?
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