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January 11, 2023
The phenomenon of tin whiskers in printed circuit board assembly is a failure mechanism associated with electronic devices that use various solder alloys containing low melting point elements such as tin, cadmium, or indium. However, this phenomenon most commonly occurs with tin. Historically, tin whiskers were avoided by adding lead (Pb) to the solder alloy used for component leads or pads, and circuit boards with HASL (hot air solder leveled) finish. However, since lead has been ...
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We are using RoHS components that are placed using tin/lead solder paste and soldered in an oven using a tin/lead reflow profile. What appearance should we expect for these solder joints, smooth or grainy?
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There are many hot air-based component rework tools and machines available today. Many are large, some small, but all have various means of delivering hot air to the component. This article will focus on simple bench-top style manual tools ...
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Cobalt is one of the most significant supply chain risks threatening the widespread adoption of electric cars, trucks, and other electronic devices requiring batteries ...
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