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December 20, 2022
Can every operator handle your BGA rework equally well? In real life, in all but just a few situations, the answer is no. Why is this so? Many factors come into play, including experience, manual dexterity, and sometimes just plain talent. Having your most skilled operators handle your most demanding BGA rework is critical. Certainly, there is delicacy involved in making such assignments to ensure that all operators understand ...
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Recently we had large voids on a 30mm x 30mm QFN Module. The voids were 50%-75%. Every single board failed. What can I do to prevent huge voiding in the future on larger modules that are similar ...
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Recently a customer was in a tough bind regarding defective plating. They manufactured a massive backplane over four feet long and two feet wide. The board is nearly one-half inch thick and plated throughout with gold. These boards are extremely expensive, and manufacturing them is a nerve-racking experience. Scrapping the boards due to minor problems is ...
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As reported in Science Robotics, researchers have installed electronic "brains" on solar-powered robots that are smaller than an ant's head.
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