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October 26, 2022

Ten Rules for Jumper Wires

The procedures for attaching jumper wires, all told, are fairly extensive and would require more space than available in this feature. However, there are a number of general rules that should be followed when attaching and working with jumper wires. In this feature, we explain the rules and the reasons for them ...
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Soldering Components with Silver Pads

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We need to attach a component to a PCB. The component has silver pads. Our normal process is to use a reflow oven. We are concerned that silver will leach into the solder joints. What do you suggest?...
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Circuit Technology Center Doubles Component-Level Tinning Services Capacity

Circuit Technology Center recently received and commissioned two additional Hentec Odyssey 1325 robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) machines. These new machines double the existing capacity to four machines to meet the increasing demand from the defense and high-reliability customer base that requires component level modification/alteration for tin whisker mitigation, gold mitigation, and lead re-conditioning ...


How to Fix Press-in Fastener Damage

Press-in fasteners are a simple yet very important element of printed circuit assembly. The potential problem with press-in fasteners is in the nature of their mounting. Forced insertion of the fastener deforms the hole into ...
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Mastering Innovation's Toughest Trade-Offs

Innovation in dynamic environments is rife with critical tensions. When left unaddressed or mishandled, these tensions sink teams and organizations ...
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