Circuit Board Rework and Repair Services
Component Tinning and Reballing
June 22, 2022

Rework for Internal Conductor Mismatch

The team at Circuit Technology Center was tested when a large OEM discovered a design problem with fifty prototype boards. Two pairs of .005" wide traces had their polarity inverted, needing to be crossed, and time was of the essence. Reworking these fully populated, 18-layer boards was made even more difficult because these were internal traces, with one pair on layer 4 and the other on layer 18 ...
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BGA Placement Paste or Only Flux

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What are the risks with using flux-only vs. solder paste for placing BGAs in a hybrid lead-free environment ...
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Circuit Technology Center Doubles Component-Level Tinning Services Capacity

Circuit Technology Center recently received and commissioned two additional Hentec Odyssey 1325 robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) machines. These new machines double the existing capacity to four machines to meet the increasing demand from the defense and high-reliability customer base that requires component level modification/alteration for tin whisker mitigation, gold mitigation, and lead re-conditioning ...


Potted QFP Rework Challenge

A manufacturer of outdoor electronic billboards had hundreds of circuit board assemblies that were returned from the field. They all required removing and replacing a faulty 44-pin fine pitch QFP device. These 15" x 10" circuit ...
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Diodes As One Way Regulator Valves

Diodes are found in nearly every electronic device and serve as one-way regulator valves. Diodes allow electricity to flow in only one direction through the device. ...
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