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April 22, 2021
Rework for Missing Ground Connections
A series of plated holes should have been connected to ground in order to properly perform their function. It would seem easy enough to find a ground point and connect the pins using a wire once the board was populated, but a surface wire was unacceptable. A connection was needed at the bare board level. This new connection needed to be reliable without impacting the plated through holes. The solution involved ...
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Mixing Different SAC305 Solders
Ask the Experts
We have been using SAC305 bar solder from one supplier. We now want to source it from a different supplier. Should we be concerned if we mix the new bar solder in with the current solder in our wave soldering systems? Are there any reliability concerns?
Circuit Technology Center
Circuit Technology Center
Robotic BGA Component Reballing - Start to Finish
Our high-reliability BGA Reballing service can quickly rework BGA components that require reballing.

Every BGA Reballing project is completed to meet IPC and JEDEC specifications.

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Cutting Circuits and Conductors
Performing cuts on external and internal connections can be simple or extremely complex. Quite often, a rework department is confronted with the task of cutting, rather than establishing, connections. Often called conductor cuts or circuit cuts, such procedures involve breaking connections ...
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Circuit Technology Center
Circuit Technology Center
Aerial Ridesharing in 2021 and Beyond
Eighteen months ago, when Trends last explored the world of flying taxis and personal aviation vehicles, the climate for business in general and transportation, in particular, was very different. At that time two ...
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