Circuit Technology Center

Circuit Technology Center Commissions New XRF X-ray System

August 3, 2021

Circuit Technology Center announces that it has recently purchased and commissioned an Oxford 980 X-Strata series XRF (x-ray fluorescence) system to support the testing of electronic components for restricted substances such as lead or tin above specified limits. The system can also verify the coating thickness. Defense base customers often require XRF verification testing of components after components have been processed through lead-free to leaded solder alloy exchange for tin mitigation applications. XRF testing may also be required to verify RoHS compliance of components that have been re-balled or re-processed for lead-free applications. In addition to XRF testing, Circuit Technology Center also supports ionic cleanliness testing, X-ray, Acoustic Microscopy, Solderability, and BGA ball shear testing services.

More information about Circuit Technology Center's component modification and testing services can be found at: