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Flash Memory Card Rescue

Flash Memory Card Rescue
This photo at the White House, and many others were salvaged from a smashed SD card by the team at Circuit Technology Center.
What do you do when a flash memory SD card containing photos of the President of the United States and your client in the White House breaks into pieces, leaving you holding one of the tiny microchips?

The answer probably won't surprise you: Take a deep breath and remain calm. Remaining calm may not provide you with a practical benefit. It will, however, afford you just enough time to mull over how completely screwed you might be.

Some years ago, after an epic effort to gain access to the White House, a pool photographer was able to take hundreds of photos and a few hi-res video clips of his clients and G.W. Bush in the White House. Later, the Flash memory SD card that contained all the data snapped to pieces in his hands. A really small, really important, $30 SD card.

Flash Memory Card Rescue
Broken Flash memory SD card. The Flash chip with the important digital images was salvaged and placed on a new SD card.
This is precisely the situation photographer Justin Kase Conder found himself in back in 2008.

While searching for help, he discovered Circuit Technology Center. The team at Circuit Technology Center procured a new matching SD card. They disassembled the new SD card and swapped the microchips from the damaged card to the new SC card.

When the SD card was tested, all the data was retrieved. A relatively simple solution to potentially embarrassing and career damaging situation.

Several members of the Circuit Technology Center team contributed to this feature story.