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Use the form below to request a quote for circuit board repair, rework, modification services. In addition, the following guidelines can be followed when requesting a quote for circuit board repair and rework.
  1. Whenever possible, attach photos or drawing of the repair or rework requirement. In most cases an estimate of the charges can be provided upon review of the information, but a firm quote is only completed after receipt of the project and a full evaluation is performed.

  2. If you are requesting components replacement services, you will need to supply the necessary replacement components. We do not source replacement components or hardware.

  3. We do not offer circuit board diagnostic or troubleshooting services. Our Ship To address is listed below. No RMA (Return Material Authorization) or reference number is require when sending your project to us. Simply include your contact information with a brief description of the project requirements, or a copy of the completed Contact Us request form.
You may also use our Contact Us form. Be sure to include all important information if you use our Contact Us form.

For additional information call us at 978-374-5000. Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please review our Prices, Terms, and Delivery Information for additional information.

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