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NEWSLETTER: February 7, 2018
Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
Solder mask has one primary purpose at a BGA site, and that is to isolate solder wetting to a specific area so that a good solder joint will be formed. Solder mask usually isolates the pad from the conductor, or from the track leading to a via or plated hole. Sometimes the track and hole are completely masked; sometimes there is only a thin "dam" of mask between the pad area and exposed track and hole. This dam or masking is delicate and easily ...
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Solder Joint Explosions
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We have seen joint voids that look like "explosions" after wave soldering. Some members of the team believe the problem is caused by humidity brought to the process by the bare board. The problem was solved by changing the ...
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Soldering Improvement for SMT Connectors
Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
As Original Design Manufacturers adopt the use of finer pitch connectors with increased pin counts on PCB assemblies, it has become challenging for EMS companies to build to a very low defect rate. In this paper the authors ...
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Soldering Long Gold Plated Pins
Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
Soldering to gold has never been a flawless exercise. Concerns about the quality and quantity of gold finishes buzz around the soldering process like annoying horseflies, drawing blood whenever your guard is dropped. Soldering gold ...
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Realizing the Potential of 4D Printing
Solder Mask Touch-Up At BGA Sites
As additive manufacturing technology moves from research and prototyping to mainstream production, researchers are shifting their attention to producing structures that can transform in a pre-programmed way in response to a stimulus. The technology needed to create such products has been given the ....
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Circuit Technology Center
Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

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What does the computer term WORM stand for?
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Write Once Read Many which describes a data storage device in which information, once written, cannot be modified.