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NEWSLETTER: December 6, 2017
How to Use a Solder Fountain
How to Use a Solder Fountain
Rework departments often encounter large through-hole components on high-mass circuit boards, or components with heat sinks. The solder fountain machine is ideal for this type of rework. With the introduction of lead-free solders, the use of solder fountains has increased. A solder fountain can transfer large amounts of heat to a specific area very quickly. A normally laborious and time-consuming procedure with a desoldering tool is completed quickly and with relative ease. However, the strength of the solder fountain ...
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BGA Rework Flux Recommendation
Ask the Experts
Is there a specific flux, or flux type, we should evaluate when we replace BGA components? We currently use a standard flux and it seems to have problems maintaining its activity under prolonged heating during BGA rework ...
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New Placement Technology for Rework
How to Use a Solder Fountain
This paper introduces a rework technology using cameras to identify the target area for component installation and component pin structure. Image processing software calculates the correct placement position for the component ...
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How Reliable Is Your Rework?
How to Use a Solder Fountain
Can you fix a broken corner on a circuit board reliably? Do you consider re-balling BGA components to be a reliable procedure? Should you attempt to repair a damaged plated hole with an inner layer connection? Your opinion and experiences with issues such as these are important, since the reliability of most circuit board repair and rework procedures are a matter of industry consensus. So, how do ...
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How Driverless Cars Will Reshape Our World
How to Use a Solder Fountain
As early as next year, driverless cars will be in commercial service with ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. While it will start with limited application in places like Singapore and San Francisco, it will quickly grow into a global reality by 2025 ...
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Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

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William Shockley is recognized as the father of what?
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The Transistor. Along with John Bardeen and Walter Brattain they were jointly awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics for "their researches on semiconductors and their discovery of the transistor effect."