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NEWSLETTER: September 6, 2017
Review of Hot Air Component Rework
Review of Hot Air Component Rework
When surface-mount components started to take over, edging out through-hole components, a number of hot air-based rework systems appeared on the scene. Many were large, some small, but all had various means of delivering hot air to the component with varying degrees of process control. Despite their diversity, they all had one thing in common -- they were fine for removing components from a circuit board, but none were particularly ...
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Soldering Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
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We are conducting rework that includes soldering a wire to one end of a heat sensitive multilayer ceramic chip capacitor. We need to solder the wire to one end of a ceramic chip cap while the other end is soldered to a PCB land. Since ceramic capacitors are sensitive to thermal shock, how should we proceed? Which end should be soldered first ...
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Advanced Rework Technology for Large Area Arrays
Review of Hot Air Component Rework
This paper discusses the five rework gaps and challenges including identification of the key technical process challenges, outlining in detail the efforts-to-date aimed at addressing these new challenges as well as the next steps required for complete resolution of these challenges ...
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Restoring Gold Edge Connectors
Review of Hot Air Component Rework
From time to time, gold edge contacts become contaminated with solder. This most often occurs during reflow of an assembly and may be caused by solder spatter or solder paste contamination of the contacts due to improper handling, or other reasons. Solder contamination is certainly an unacceptable condition because oxidation will ultimately ...
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On-Demand Personal Aviation Takes Off
Review of Hot Air Component Rework
Innovation and regulatory evolution have shaken up the personal avaiation industry. What barriers remain? What are the implications for commuters ...
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Circuit Technology Center
Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

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