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NEWSLETTER: July 6, 2017
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
The need to attach jumper wires to circuit board assemblies is inevitable. Essentially, jumper wires fall into three basic categories. First, those that are considered a component and part of the original design. Second, those that are added after the original design and fabrication to effect a modification. And third, those that are added to correct a defect ...
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BGA Rework Residue Concern
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Sometimes after removing a BGA for rework we see an outline of residue on the laminate around the pads. This residue is not easily washed off so we carefully scrape off the residue with a knife. Is it necessary to remove this residue before we install the new BGA?...
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Rework Challenges for Leading Edge Components BGA, QFN and LED
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
Many rework processes are still manual ranging from hot air pencils to automated rework machines. This paper outlines rework processes for many challenging components including BGA, QFN/BTC, and LED packages ...
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Tips for Rework of Large Scale BGA Components
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
You've just been given a board with a shorted BGA site. If management decides the board is worth salvaging, there's only one thing to do; remove the BGA component, clean the site, paste the site, and replace the BGA. You've done this many times before, but still, as any one who has attempted BGA removal and replacement knows, BGA rework at any level can be finicky and challenging. Yes, it is complicated enough, but in this case the challenge is magnified as this BGA component has 2600 balls at 1.0 mm pitch. You're no quitter so you ...
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Countries Most (and Least) Likely to be Affected by Automation
Ten Rules for Jumper Wires
Around the world, automation is transforming work, business, and the economy. But, the impact of robotics, AI and the Internet of Things, will vary widely from country to country ...
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Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

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