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NEWSLETTER: January 24, 2017
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Have you heard this one before? A manager walks into a meeting and is told that there ?? dollars worth of circuit assemblies that are scrap because of ... fill in the blank. At Circuit Technology Center we're able to correct most design and fabrication errors, or physical damage that would cause a circuit board to be scrapped. However, in the unfortunate event a board is no longer useful, you still may wish to salvage some of the more valuable components for reuse ...
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BGA Re-balling Process
Ask the Experts
Can you recommend a process or semi-automatic machine for re-balling BGA's? Is there a process or system available to repair these components after rework and repair ...
Ask the Experts
Overcoming Repair Depot Challenges
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Many OEMs develop repair depot strategy reactively. Properly planned, repair depot services can be a source of customer satisfaction and even an additional revenue stream. This paper looks at key issues that should be considered in developing a robust outsourced repair depot strategy ...
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Keysight Technologies Adapter Rework
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Circuit Technology Center and Keysight Technologies have teamed up to provide the test world with a complete turn-key approach for testing DIMMS directly at BGA component sites. Although this dynamic product is available to support Engineers through the test process, it does take some skillful attention to get installed. This procedure provides an overview of the process ...
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Robots At War
Questions to Ask When Salvaging Components
Ever since WWII, defense sending has provided an extraordinary boost to technology like advanced materials, aerospace, and information technology. Now, research spanning decades in military robotics is beginning to bear fruit. What will military robots be able to do? What are the threats and opportunities, How will these impact our economy and the world? We'll show ...
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Circuit Technology Center
Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

For over 33 years Circuit Technology Center and CircuitMedic have been recognized as the world's most innovative and reliable specialists in circuit board rework and repair services and products.
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