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NEWSLETTER: December 14, 2016
Inner Layer Conductor Modification
Inner Layer Conductor Modification
To their dismay, one of our customers found a small but critical error. The ground plane that should have served as a return path for signals was missing between plated through holes in a section of their circuit board. Thousands of boards were in the assembly pipeline and thousands in the field. Fortunately, after testing a number of different rework options, the customer was able to correct the fault using a short jumper wire. However upon viewing the rework with a wire, the end customer would not accept it. Was there a way to rework these board without the obvious surface wires...
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Burned Chip Repair
Ask the Experts
I have a circuit board with a burned chip. Can this type of repair be done reliably? Where can I send this board to and have it done professionally? The panel of experts offer up some ...
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Practices to Assure Consistent Hot Gas Rework
Inner Layer Conductor Modification
Paper discusses practices observed at various CMs that can lead to inconsistency in rework and techniques that will reduce or eliminate the inconsistency ...
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X-Ray System Eye Opener
Inner Layer Conductor Modification
Some time ago we had the good fortune to obtain a Dage X-Ray machine. For years we had been using an older machine that had been an absolutely reliable workhorse. Since we loved our old machine, we didn't immediately recognize what the Dage machine could do for us, but when we saw how it performed, well, all we can say is, "What an eye opener!" The Dage x-ray systems are ...
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The Flying Taxi Experience May Be Here Sooner Than Expected
Inner Layer Conductor Modification
A concept study by NASA has made the case that taking a ride in a driverless vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) air taxi could become as cheap as taking a ride in an Uber car, and take less than one-third of the time. A at NASA's Langley Research Center focused on the area from Oakland to ...
Technology Briefing
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Circuit Technology Center
Andy Price, Bob LePage, Ronna LaBranche, Jose Irizarry, Ted Farnham, Bun Chhouy, Peter Vigneau, Jeff Ferry

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Answer: Arthur C. Clarke