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BGA Rework and Repair Services
BGA rework and BGA repair including BGA x-ray services, repair of damaged BGA pads and lands and repair of BGA solder mask damage.
Base Board Repair and Rework
Servies to repair circuit base board covering delamination, warp, hole damage, burns, laminate damage and solder mask damage.
BGA Reballing Services
BGA Reballing service often used to replace lead-free solder balls with leaded solder balls for high-rel and military applications.
Circuitry and Plated Hole Repair
Services to repair damage to conductors, circuitry and plated holes on circuit boards.
Coating and Marking Rework
Removal or replacement of coatings and solder mask on circuit boards using a variety of methods including mechanical abrasion, micro blasting and chemical stripping.
Component Salvage
Servcies covering electronic component and hardware salvage and reclamation.
ECO, Upgrade and Modification Services
Circuit board services including ECO, engineering changes, upgrades, modifications, jumper wires, circuit cuts, and other modification procedures.
Gold Edge Contact Plating
Services to repair and replate scratched, torn and damaged gold edge contacts on circuit boards.
Inspection Services
Circuit board and BGA component x-ray inspection services.
SMT and Through Hole Component Rework
Services covering removal, replacement and rework of surface mount, BGA and through hole components.
Surface Mount and BGA Pad Repair
Services covering circuit board surface mount and BGA pad repair.
Order Tracking Form
Form to send circuit boards to us for repair and rework.
Services Quote Request
Use this form to request a quote for circuit board repair, rework, modification services.
Service Terms, Prices, and Delivery Information
Service terms, prices, and delivery information covering our circuit board repair and rework services.
Circuit Board Repair and Rework Services
General overview of circuit board repair and rework services covering base board, conductors, edge contacts and pads.
87 Repair/Rework Guides Free Online
87 Repair/Rework Guides Free Online
This free online guidebook, packed with detailed illustrations, will be helpful to anyone who needs to repair or rework circuit board assemblies.
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Must Have Circuit Boards First-aid Kits
Must Have Circuit Boards First-aid Kits
These kits have been used for decades by the most demanding electronics manufacturers. Every item is thoroughly field tested.
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Stop PCB Scrap Today
Stop PCB Scrap Today
What happens to your valuable circuit boards when they're damaged? Can they be repaired reliably and cost-effectively? Yes, if you have the skills and knowhow.
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